The BIG Agency (a leading Internet Marketing Company) was born in 1995 when the Internet was just beginning to make its way into households across the world. BIG was started by Tim Addison and Chris Addison initially to act as an agency serving Tim’s business interests.

But due to the results that BIG was achieving they were constantly inundated by businesses that wanted help and were frustrated with the results they were getting from other agencies. This lead to BIG becoming a full service digital marketing agency and actively taking on new clients.

The BIG Agency has clients across a number of different industries, such as environmental services, catering, finance, franchising, manufacturing, technology, publishing, pharmaceuticals, education, retail and covers both business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C). The key focus of the agency is on first identifying online opportunities, then developing strategies to exploit the opportunities and then deploying the strategies using cutting edge tactics to give clients a sustainable competitive advantage.

So far BIG has achieved phenomenal results for their clients. Their clients have seen revenue increases from 6% to 240%. The agency is completely transparent and accountable. Clients know exactly what return they get on their investment (ROI). In fact if for some reason they don’t improve your current performance then you don’t pay. No Improvement = No Fee.

Whether your business is new to the Internet marketing world or have been online since the 90’s – why not request a free consultation to see how BIG can help you.

10 Fast Facts About The BIG Agency

1. Been marketing online since 1995 – which means they have a great wealth of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t work.

2. Started, grown and sold multiple businesses – so they have a 360 degree understanding of what it takes to build and grow a successful business.

3. Have generated 0,000,000’s of enquiries, leads and sales – so if you want more leads and sales they can help you find more prospects, convert more of them into customers … and increase their Life Time Value.

4. Have generated £00,000,000’s in extra revenue for clients – so they can help you quickly grow your revenue and profitability.

5. Setup a leading digital training academy to train and share some of the skills and strategies they use – which shows that they are experts in their field – other agencies come to them for training!

6. Have tested 00,000’s of adverts, site designs, landing pages, copy, images, colour schemes, layouts, etc. – so they can immediately give you tried and tested strategies that will make your marketing more profitable.

7. Have never had a client leave because they have been unhappy with their results. Some of their clients have been with them for over 8 years – which just goes to show that businesses they work with don’t just survive … they thrive and continue to stay clients.

8. They are beyond just selling SEO or PPC management services. They look at your business model, objectives and marketing strategies to make sure anything they do works in harmony and yields you the highest ROI possible.

9. They have helped businesses in all kinds of markets, of varying sizes grow exponentially – so the chances are they have worked in a similar industry to yours.

10. They have an arsenal of plug n’ play marketing strategies and tactics that they can apply to your business to assist you in rapid revenue generation.